Expert solutions

Select assistance and professional advices to reach your targets

A brilliantly selected colour scheme, choice of furniture, necessary shapes, the correct proportions of every segment painstakingly selected little things give us the best result.

  • Selection of unique solutions

  • Large pack of template interiors

  • Complex decoration

  • High quality

Responsible and high-quality work for years is our constant vector. Together we create inspiring spaces for living, leisure and business. We are interested in challenging tasks that we grow to accomplish in amazingly ergonomic and inspiring projects.

Our Specialists

Custom made furniture

Our skillful specialist can make any furniture from your dreams. You need only to give him preliminary design and sizes.

Example of his magnificent works

Designer bas-reliefs

Thanks to modern technologies and materials, any ideas of bas-reliefs and stucco moldings can now be really implemented in your interior

Our artists use modern and enviromentally friendly materials in their works

Exclusive wall design

Imagine that you can immerse your child into the atmoshere of fairy world or change your ordinary wall into masterpiece?! Our artist can help you, exclusive wall painting will make your common life more interesing and colourful

Unique textiles products

Our professional seamstresses can fill your space with amazing textile custom products using materials from the world’s best manufactures

Textiles fill the space with coziness: pillows, curtains, carpets are made according to your individual design

 The first thing  that is important – to find out what purpose of this room will be. Expensive renovations or exclusive furniture won’t  make your home comfortable if  the layout is wrong.

Decide the purpose of the room

Before you start arrangement, think what kind of mood you would like to create in the room and how to feel in it – relaxed or energetic. It is important to consider – this room will be just for you or the purpose is also to impress your guests.

Consider mood and character

If you have an unsymmetrical space, you have two ways to make it look harmonious: try to create a false sense of symmetry, or emphasize assymetry and make it the main point of the space.

Symmetry and balance for harmony

They should be thought out inseparably from each other, because one affects the perception of the other.

Colour and texture are always in conjunction